One of the many tools available to enhance mental and physical performance is the use of Imagery. Imagery is a visualization technique that lets the individual see the performance they wish to improve. An individual should meditate for at least 10 minutes before the execution of this exercise; this meditation is to clear extraneous thoughts that tend to ruminate in our everyday cognitions. Sit, stand, or lay down comfortably with measured but relaxed breathing. Start with whatever pre-performance ritual may be a component of the activity. I will use golf as an example in this discussion. Experience the smell of the greens-Feel the wind on your face-See yourself approaching the tee-Clearing your mind as you adjust your feet and body into your stance-Your body is loose-You are eager for the challenge of the game the ball is looming large and clear-You are gripping your club, which has become an extension of your body- Feel the muscles of your back, hips, and obliques torquing pulling into your backswing with a sense of ease as you wind back easily and deep-Seeing the juicy golf ball as you drive through the ball with force and authority-Watching the ball’s loft and trajectory soar exactly as you willed it-The sweetest effortless follow through; like watching a Daryll Strawberry home run-Feel the glow of being in the zone-The satisfaction of a successful drive. You visualize walking towards your ball, which landed in the desired spot. You continue through the course relaxed and easily. Seeing every swing with the proper mechanics and a focused mindset allows you to control your body and thoughts. This control is from your state of mindfulness. The feelings of mastery and self-efficacy permeate your very being. The game is you-you are the game.


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