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Soft-core approach does not = Hard-core results.

Too many "would be" bodybuilders expect to have size and strength with minimal efforts and a copy of Muscle Fitness Magazine. Following a three hour, massive volume, low intensity workout may work wonders for steroid fed athletes with an adequate base. These forementioned "pump worouts" do little for regular weight lifting trainees. If there is not sufficient force to tear a muscle fiber (myofibral) there is not sufficient stimuli to initiate change in that muscles structure. Training to get big and stronger is all about sufficient stimulation. Many successful bodybuilders have laid the foundation to their musculature with an athletic based, strength programs. When asked, off hand how to get bigger I typically respond, lift to you puke. Many former high school and college football players remember fondly, with languishing agony, the hours spent under a squat bar or pulling an unmovable weight in the deadlift. Following periodization techniques that allow for sti