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Fitness Motivation Kids & Teens

There is nothing as warming to my soul as to see the eagerness and smiles as a child approaches my door to train. They may be driven to my studio by their parents, but the drive to train comes from within. Children and teens need to be relatively successful in their endeavors to fan the fires of enthusiasm. If any individual continually feels inadequate in meeting a goal, they will eventually abandon their attempts to succeed at that goal. The key to manifesting and maintaining self-efficacy is creating small, attainable objectives. I tell kids my conceptualization of winning in fitness is similar to winning a football game. The ultimate goal is scoring a touchdown; however, we as a team will concentrate on attaining a series of successful first downs. We know the need to move the ball 100 yards, but we will focus on moving the line of scrimmage at least 10 yards at a time every four plays. If the ball is received at the twenty-yard line at the kick-off, the accumulation of seven first