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Overcoming Changed Training Capabilities

There are times when one's training and their very way of life is drastically changed. These life changing events can be the result of things happening in our world and our reactions to them. There are also internal disruptions. Medical events can change our ability to train at previous levels. The athlete needs to deal with the psychological consequences that develop as an internal reaction to this training trauma. These are challenging times to get past and move forward from. The competitive athlete within us has always pushed ourselves to exceed previous levels of personal performance. We accept nothing but giving our very best," leaving nothing "on the table." Constantly striving to be better, faster, stronger. Whatever the game was, second place loses first. Within the last nine months, my life has been forever changed. Toward the end of last August, I went to my cardiologist to discuss the statin that I was presently taking. While at the cardiologist's, I