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Motivation is something that, at times, can be pretty elusive. Sometimes it can be challenging to get yourself to the gym, even if it is walking downstairs to your home gym. It's best to find intrinsic means to motivate. It is about finding things that are important to you to get you going. They shouldn't be goals that are societally based. They should be about goals that fulfill your inner needs, Telling yourself that you want to lose weight because you want to be more aesthetically pleasing may not be the proper approach. Tell yourself that you're losing weight because you wish to be more healthy and more vibrant. Go to the gym and work out because it makes you feel good and will help you function better. Choose better food choices because it increases your feelings of health. Having goals is essential. Having obtainable short-term goals is imperative for long-term success. If the goals we set are too difficult to achieve, we run the risk of failure indeed. Failure is c