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Senior Fitness Where and How to Start

The stereotypical image of a senior has changed dramatically in the last fifty years. The concepts and restraints of aging have changed. Many individuals retire much later and stay active and vibrant. Sitting on the porch with a blanket on your lap has eclipsed the same senior playing a high-level game of tennis. Being a senior does not make you old and frail; sitting on your butt and eating in an unhealthy manner makes you old and decrepit. If you are sitting on a chair watching TV, shut the damn TV off, get up, get out, and go for a walk. Start with a fifteen-minute walk four times a week at a rate that only slightly raises your pulse. Note a landmark, a store, or an intersection. This place is your point of delineation. Continue that distance and pace for two weeks. After two weeks, increase your reach by ten percent, and set a new delineation point. You are now four weeks in; you are getting this done. Let us improve the pace we are walking to where you are breathing heavier but c