Fitness Weight Loss and Goal Setting

Goal setting is a critical strategy in changing your diet and physical activity behavior The rate of obesity is increasing. A substantial body of research links poor diet and physical activity habits to obesity and chronic diseases. Producing sustainable dietary and physical activity behavior change to influence this rate of obesity is an ongoing challenge. Research shows that the most effective behavior changes from nutrition education interventions take place when the interventions are behaviorally focused and theory-driven. The Social Cognitive Theory, well known and widely used for understanding and researching behavior change, specifies goal setting as a key strategy - Lee, Locke, and Latham define a goal as ‘‘that which one wants to accomplish; it concerns a valued, future end state.” Goal setting is a significant facilitator of behavior change. Setting specific goals provides a potential strategy for organizing nutrition and physical activity information and skills into practical and manageable steps. I am presently pursuing my Masters of Science degree in Sport Psychology. I possess over 5,000 hours of hands-on experience in Personal Training and Sports Conditioning. I’m a credible source of information and expertise, ready to design and implement an exercise and weight loss program tailored to you. Call or email me to schedule your complimentary first session and let’s get started! In-person and virtual sessions are available. 201 447-4055 cell 201 988-3560


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