Where did those Covid Pounds Come From?

Those extra pounds that have accumulated on your butt, stomach, and legs are not the result of a viral infection. The self-inflicted detachment that people have made from society due to Covid has greatly curtailed their activities. Going to the store, rushing to the bank, going out with your friends, moving the body from here to there burns calories. This lack of reduction in burnt calories accumulates body fat. This weight gain can be further attenuated with the response of the stress hormone cortisol which wreaks havoc on the endocrine system. Your body does not care how it looks, it just wants to survive. Cortisol starts shutting down the machinery. Shut off all peripheral systems, they are using energy that may be desperately needed for a possible attack. Cortisol along with epinephrine and adrenaline are your three stress hormones.
Don’t blame all of this weight on cortisol. and your activity levels. Much of these accumulated calories you have ingested. Sitting around your home puts you in close proximity to food sources. The hundred calorie snack here and hundred calorie snack there if done two times a day equals 200 calories daily approximately 6,000 calories monthly. One pound of body fat requires about 3500 extra calories to be ingested. Doing the math !.71 pounds of fat a month times 15 months equals 25 extra pounds of fat.


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