The sixth variable in weight training.

It has always been propounded that there are five variables that can be manipulated in weight training. The five variables of weight training has traditionally been, exercise chosen, order of exercises, weight loading, number of repetitions and sets of a given exercise and rest period between sets.
I propose a sixth extremely important but neglected variable- muscle contractile speed. There has always been the consideration of contractile speed in relationship to maximum weight lifted. This is not the topic here. I am talking about a conscious slowing of the contraction to maximize effort and to minimize inertia.
This type of "squeezing" has been used in bodybuilding to create "pump' or to maximize vascularity and promote the stretching of the muscle facia. This type of contraction will result in transient hypertrophy and not true myofibral hypertrophy. In essence a temporary increase in size but not an increase in strength.
This type of training can reduce injuries from constant muscle overloading and find it's place in a good weight training The sixth variable in the design of a weight training program.periodization program.


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