Planet Fitness is Poisining the Media


We are bombarded with commercials talking about a no Lunk Zone.  Lunks are what Planet Fitness has characterized as what body builders are.  They are trying to reinforce the image that muscles equate to mindless idiots.  They wish to create a gym where no one is really in shape but rather are happy with their level of don’t try hard complacency.  This is a place where people can eat their pizza, and sip their sodas while they work out.  This is a so called fitness company where people aren’t fit.  This is what Planet Fitness imagines as a good thing, creating an atmosphere where people don’t push themselves to the next level.  People need to raise the bar as far as their fitness levels, not put the bar on the floor, and aspire towards nothing.
Years ago when I first started going to the gym yes I was intimidated by the big guys lifting the big weights.  Though I was intimidated I knew that if I worked HARD that one day I too would be a big guy lifting big weights.  Back then I was 27 years old, Six foot one inch, 170 pounds and flabby- skinny probably 20 per cent body fat.  I am still 6ft. 1 in. but I weigh 205 pounds with an eight per cent body fat and I look muscular and ripped.  I am sixty years old and I can; bench press the 95 Lb. dumbbells for 8 reps, Deadlift 315Lbs for 10 reps or 405 lbs. for a single, I power squat over 800 Lbs. on a machine and do dumbbell Kroc rows with a 135 lb. dumbbell, I also do Lat pulls for reps with the full rack.  This all would not have happened or had been possible if I didn’t try and push myself day after day. That is the body building credo push-push-push, don’t give up, make yourself bigger stronger and better.
Our society is inundated with health issues caused by our lack of strenuous activity and bad dietary practices.  Taking some tips from the bodybuilding life style surely could do a lot of us some good. Proper sleep, good nutrition and hard work in the gym never hurt anybody.  Don’t let media hype put you into the no judgment zone. The only one that truly can judge us, is ourselves.  Don’t let yourself down, aspire to be better and work towards that goal.


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